Build you own website with the Notion API (5min)

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Build your curation website on top of Notion.

The product

If you would like to build a curation website (with blog functionalities) like upupland, The publisher club is the right tool for you. Thanks to Notion, you can easily integrate this with many tools (e.g Zapier), and you can edit the content from anywhere (the mobile app from Notion is excellent and getting better every day!)

After buying this project, you will receive: 

  • The template (code) (which you can upload to GitHub or your own server)
  • Notion template (the framework to publish your content)

Product ideas

  • Create a learning database
  • Curate the best products in the world
  • Open source your RSS feed
  • Share your knowledge database with everyone

With this project, you are up and running in no time and then you own the source code and can make any changes you would like.

From zero to one.

Quickly launch your website in 5min 🚀

Many ways lead to Rome, but the easiest way to set up your blog is by

  1. Forking the project (free version) or uploading the paid version to Github
  2. Create a Vercel account (sign-up via Github)
  3. Deploy the project; then, you will get an error.
  4. Fix the error by adding your Notion keys in Vercel.

This process will take you around 5-10 minutes, depending on your skill level. I'm a designer myself with some coding experience, but you don't need to install it successfully.

Projects built with TPC:

upupland a place to learn more about web 3

Useaffiliates - a database with affiliate website


  1. If you need some help setting up the project, you can contact me.
  2. If you don't like the project, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

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Build you own website with the Notion API (5min)

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